pregnancy and IVF support

Difficult conceiving: more and more women in Australia have difficulties conceiving, which may caused by endometriosis, PCOS, blocked tube, early menopause and many other reasons. We provide traditional yet up to date treatment to help with all the difficulties. Our assistance can be offered to natural attempts as well as IVF methods.

Healthy Pregnancy: According clinical statistic there are almost 30% of first pregnancy end up with miscarriage, an estimated 70%-80%  of pregnant women have morning sickness, and 25% of baby may at breech position at term of 28 weeks. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has documented treatment to help with all above conditions with great out comes.

Afterbirth care: In China traditionally women need to have a luxury " Golden Month " after giving birth allow body recover from the energy  consuming delivery and reboot strength for later life. During this " Golden Month" women need both physical and medical care from Chinese Medicine aspect, we provide detail advice and necessary instructions for the future mum to gain their health back as soon as possible.