Dr Sandy Guo

 Dr Sandy Guo Ru Xin

Dr. Sandy Guo Ru Xin is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, as well as an Acupuncturist and herbalist. Dr. Guo has come from a family of Chinese Medical Professionals, and is very much influenced by her father; who is a well renowned Medical Professor in China.


Prior to relocating to Australia, Dr. Guo worked in a prestigious Hospital in China. Having completed her Clinical Internship there, it was the ideal opportunity to gain first-hand experience from many top Professors and Doctors. In Australia she has been working in a busy Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic for over a decade, in particular; taking charge of herbal dispensing, from which Dr. Guo gained insightful  knowledge in traditional herbal medicine, including herb grades and authenticity identification, as well as traditional dietary applications.


Dr. Guo has completed her Bachelor Degree of Applied Science in Chinese Medicine. Her studies have given her a large theoretical knowledge base of the benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as Acupuncture, in addition to her strong family background in this area of Holistic Medicine, this makes Dr. Guo an excellent TCM Practitioner.

As a female practitioner, Dr Guo has focus her study and practice on female conditions, she did clinical study with an experienced Chinese medicine gyneacologist in Melbourne over a year, she also went back China to sit with front line of Chinese Medicine gyneacologists to learn their experties of treating gyneacological conditions.

Such as:

• Menstrual irregularities-- early period, long period, irregular period, scanty period, painful period, premenstrual syndrome, no period, heavy period and bleeding outside of cycle, vaginal discharge

• Pregnancy Conditions--infertility, recurrent miscarriage​

• Birth induction

• Mammary problems-- insufficient lactation, spontaneous flow of milk

• Post-partum Care

• Menopausal symptoms: hot flushes, night-sweating, etc.

Dr. Guo dedicates herself in treating digestive conditions. Her area of expertise includes:

• Abdominal Bloating or Distension

• Stomach ulcer

• Belching

• Constipation

• Diarrhoea

• Gas and Flatulence

• Heart Burn

• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

• Indigestion

• Nausea

• Poor appetite

• Reflux and Vomiting


Dr. Guo was privileged to gain first hand experience and expertise under the careful guidance of her father  who is a kidney specialist. Henceforth, she has keen interest in treating urinary tract conditions. The diseases can range from:

· Urgent urination

· Burning urination

· Frequent urination

· Cloudy urine

· Bloody urine

· Smelly urine

· Decreased or difficulty urination

· Swelling and puffiness of body

· Protein urine

Dr Guo dedicate herself to build a bridge in between Chinese and Australian community in aspect of Chinese medicine, in order to serve Australian community with authentic Chinese medicine therapy.